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Uploading Files using SmartFTP

Let's first open a local browser window..... click File

This tutorial assumes you already have SmartFTP and have it running on your computer, but not connected to another server

Now let's learn how to upload or transfer files from our computer to a remote server

Then click New Local Browser

A new local browser window opens, and we're currently looking in a Demo Files folder on our computer

There are two ways to establish a connection with a remote server.....

1. Enter the remote server name, username and password in these boxes here.....

..... then click the green arrow button here.....

2. Or we can select a pre-defined remote server from our list of favorites..... which is what we'll do now

Locate the pre-defined remote server in our Favorites

That's it! We've successfully established an FTP connetion with Demo345.com, and now have two windows open.... our local computer files are displayed in the window on the right.....

..... and our remote server files in Demo345.com are displayed in the window on the left

Let's navigate to the public_html folder

It is in here that we want to upload some files

Select the files we want to upload here in our local computer window.....

Hold down the CTRL key to select multiple files for uploading

When ready, click the Upload icon here to start transferring the files to our remote server

That's it! We've successfully uploaded the selected files to the remote server, and they are now also displayed here in the remote server window

To demonstrate how to download files, we'll first remove a file from our local computer.....

Highlight the photo.htm file and delete it

Now let's download the photo.html file from the remote server to our local computer

There it is!

To close the connection to the remote server, click the disconnect icon here

This is the end of the tutorial. You should now know how to establish an FTP connection with SmartFTP, and upload or transfer files to/from your local computer

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